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  • Rose – friend of Heron circa 1966-70 – tracing old friends. how blessed you are to have spent your life making music.

  • “do I know you?”- I discovered the vinyl album amongst my late mother’s record collection. So pleased to know that you are still making music…:-)

    • Hi there –well Im sorry its your late mother but happy you found it. Hope you enjoy it as much as maybe she did. Thanks for taking the time to write.

  • Hi Mike, Greeting from the Connecticut in the USA. Heard your music for the first time today when I saw your ‘Do I Know You?’ album on YouTube when listening to some Anne Briggs tracks. Have spent the rest of the day listening to every else I could find from you. ‘I’ve Got Mine’ blew me away. Cheers and thanks for some truly great music.

  • Hi Mike, saw your live performance at Café Oto last week. I made something of a pilgrimage across the UK to see you play live, and I’m very glad I did! Your records have profoundly affected me, and I have grown to love them deeply. Particularly ‘White Shadows in the South Seas’ and ‘Rayon Hula’ are records I return to again and again. Thanks for your inspiring, beautiful music. Aaron

    • Hi there –thanks for coming to Cafe Oto and thanks for listening and writing as well –always good to hear from people.


  • Hey Mike,

    Been really digging your stuff lately. Ended up on this page googling around for lyrics for “Song for Abigail.”

    I curate a Spotify list for my kids so that they can develop decent taste. It just dawned on me a few days ago that you are the man behind both “Song for Abigail” and “Paint It, Black.” Both are great tracks that we know well.

    Interested in your Pynchon/Gison thing, which I will have to check out away from my office sometime when Youtube isn’t blocked…. 🙂


  • Delighted to see your five albums newly rereleased on BGO Records. Your Oh Really album has been a favourite of mine since I bought it when first released.
    Was delighted also to read you were a fan of Joe Harriott’s. I wrote Joe’s biography after hearing his wonderful free jazz albums on their first release in CD format.
    Good luck and best wishes on your continuing musical explorations!

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