GIACINTO – Hipshot 017
REVIEW- “Cooper here explores the drone in a loose tribute to fellow Rome resident, the late Giacinto Scelsi. Armed with his trusty National Resophonic and a small electric fan, plus some very discreet signal processing here and there, Cooper’s work is, as usual, utterly spellbinding. The metallic resonance of his instrument heightens the harmonic overtones, producing gleaming textures that recall massed hurdy-gurdies one moment and indian tamburas the next. Cooper was forging connections between folk and experimental musics long before America got New or Weird delving particularly deep into Hawaiian slide guitar styles. Giacinto is one of his more aesthetically demanding documents, not offering the consolation of the beautiful songs that broke up the rigorous improv of his 2004 album Reluctant Swimmer/Virtual Surfer, but still sounding like the work of one man, one guitar and endless supplies of imagination and heart.” (Keith Moline – The Wire)