The thing I love about this group is that everyone brings there own thing to the construction of the music – despite being song based  it is totally improvised and different each time.

The lyrics of my songs are the only things that remain constant and even they can be re-arranged in shape and form each time around.

We don’t rehearse – there are no pre-planned arrangements.

These samples in the player at the side were recorded live at the Cantiere a small intimate club in Rome – they are not great recordings and will be replaced as soon as we have better ones – or maybe not – I rather like the lo-fi quality sometimes. The Spirit of the songs has been captured – that’s what is important to me – not the gloss on the surface.

 Five of the best improvising musicians currently working in Italy – Elio Martusciello (laptop), Michael Thieke (Clarinet/AltoSax), Luca Venitucci (Keyboards), Fabrizio Spera (Drums/Percussion), Mike Cooper (Vocals, Guitar, Effects)

The photo’s are by Alessandro Carpentiere and Federica Santoro.


Spirit Songs Live